Annual Report 2017-2018

... The Chair's Message from "Reflections," the 2017-2018 Physics & Astronomy Annual Report:

Welcome to this year’s "Reflections" newsletter, as we have renamed the Annual Report of the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It’s our hope this is useful to our alumni – but I use the word broadly. Yes, we want to keep connected to those who have participated in and graduated from our many programs. But also I include our staff, researchers, benefactors, and others who became part of the P&A Department at some point in our lives. I very much include our future alumni as our target reader, too; the feature article on the Science and Technology Research Building, and the many pages of Research Highlights will help prospective students see some of what UCLA has to offer.

I want to thank Professor Turner who was Chair during the period of this year’s newsletter. Under her leadership and that of the vice chairs, the department has moved forward enormously. We’ve welcomed many wonderful new faculty. Newly created committees on diversity for physics and astronomy have made concrete impacts. A new introductory physics series for life sciences majors propels us into 21st century teaching and benefits thousands of UCLA undergraduates. The newly launched Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics has started a phase transition. And much more.

All sizes of donations help our students and other scholars. Donors make possible the physics and astronomy clubs, participation in outreach events, teaching awards for graduate students, renovating undergraduate laboratories, and helping students in unforeseen crises. Giving to the Chair’s Discretionary Fund (for which we have discreetly attached an envelope and web link) would be a fantastic way to enhance the young people’s experience.

This newsletter can’t cover it all, but I hope gives a feeling for the scholarly lives of our 60+ faculty, dozens of lecturers, 200+ graduate students, 100+ undergraduates in each year’s class, 40+ researchers, 50+ postdoctoral scholars, and the many staff, who make it all happen.

David Saltzberg
Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy

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