Robijn Bruinsma

Condensed Matter
Office: Knudsen 3-112
Phone: 310-825-8539

Educational Background

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, B.S. in Physics.(1974)
Rijks-Universiteit Utrecht, M.S. in Physics (1976)
University of Southern California., Ph.D. in Physics (1976)

Positions Held

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University 1979-1980
Research Associate, Brookhaven National Lab.1980-1982
Visiting Scientist, IBM Research Center, Yorktown, 1982-1984
Assistant Professor of Physics, University of California, 1984-1988
Associate Professor of Physics, University of California, 1988-1990
Full Professor of Physics, University of California, 1990-present
Chair, Theoretical Physics for the Life Sciences, Leiden University, 2001-present

Academic and Professional Honors

Pierre et Marie Curie Visiting Professorship (E.S.P.C.I.).(1994)
Rothschild Foundation Fellowship (1996)
Fellow American Physical Society
Distinguished Lecturer, College de France (1999)

Research Interest

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My current work concerns the application of theoretical physics and numerical modeling to molecular biology. Emphasis is on the following areas:

  • Numerical Simulation of Active Proteins and of Gene Transcription
  • Self-Assembly of Viruses (pdf)
  • Self-Assembly of DNA and the Physics of Chromatin
  • Electrostatics of DNA and electrical transport along DNA

  • Adhesion of vesicles and cells.

Selected Publications

  • Klapstein KD, Bruinsma R, RecA force generation of hydrolysis waves, BIOPHYS J 82 (1): 581 Part 2 JAN 2002
  • Bruinsma R, Rondelez F, Levine A, Flow-controlled growth in Langmuir monolayers, EUR PHYS J E 6 (3): 191-200 NOV 2001
  • Bruinsma R, Sackmann E, Bioadhesion and the dewetting transition, CR ACAD SCI IV-PHYS 2 (6): 803-815 AUG 2001
  • Bruinsma R, Liquid crystals of polyelectrolyte networks, PHYS REV E 63 (6): art. no. 061705 Part 1 JUN 2001