Steven Moszkowski

...Our colleague and friend, Prof. Steven ("Steve") Moszkowski, passed away Friday December 11, 2020.

Steve was a member of our faculty since 1953 and a highly accomplished figure in the field of nuclear theory.

His work included studies of the elementary forces of nature and fundamental issues in the bound states of quarks and nucleons. We fondly recall how Steve was our link to history, with his having observed and participated in many events first-hand. Albert Einstein was a family friend and Steve even sat on Einstein's lap as a boy. Steve's thesis advisor was Nobel laureate Maria Goeppert-Mayer. He collaborated with Chien-Shiung Wu and co-authored a famous book on beta decay with her.

In recent years, Steve regaled us with wonderful stories of Einstein from the 1930s and also sad stories from the dark days leading up to WW2. Steve was a very important person in the history of our department. Our hearts go out to his wife, Esther, and his loved ones.