Staff Personnel

Staff Personnel is the Physics & Astronomy Department's resource for staff employees in the areas of recruitment, hiring, payroll, leaves of absence, benefits, University of California policy interpretation and all other issues relating to staff employees. Imelda Gonzalez-Perez is the department's HR/Payroll Manager. Her office is PAB 2-707G, phone is 310-825-3397, or email her directly at

The Physics & Astronomy Staff Personnel Office also answers questions about time reporting, compensation, disability and medical leave, and benefits enrollment.

Although many employees are now using the online Time Reporting System (TRS), some Physics & Astronomy faculty, researchers, and staff use paper timesheets for time reporting. These timesheets are in PDF format and are online. Please download the appropriate timesheet at right, fill it in, print it, sign it and have it signed by your supervisor.

Please note: For the timesheet to be filled out and updated you need to be able to (a) download it to a hard drive, then (b) fill it out using a compatible PDF reader where Javascript can run. There are known issues with PDF readers (including Adobe Reader) for the Linux operating system and for mobile devices. The timesheets cannot be used on those platforms.

Note for Macintosh users: Some users have reported that timesheets downloaded via Safari have a non-functional Update button that will not calculate hours. Other Safari users report no difficullties. If you're affected by this issue, please use Chrome or Firefox to download and update your timesheet.

Submit your approved timesheet to 2-707F PAB by the due date, which can be found in the the email reminder you receive. Timesheets missing university ID numbers, funding source, month/year or signatures will not be processed. Handwritten timesheets cannot be accepted by payroll office. Please consult the list at right to download the appropriate timesheet to your computer.