Christopher Gutiérrez

Assistant Professor
Experimental Condensed Matter

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Physics, Columbia University
M.S. in Physics, California State University, Los Angeles
B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, UCLA

Research Interest

Our research focuses on the creation, design, and combined spectroscopic and atomic-scale visualization of exotic states in low-dimensional quantum materials. Our fundamental goal is to push our understanding of the origins of emergent behavior in quantum materials by custom designing novel quantum states using a host of innovative in situ design techniques, including nanoscale patterning and physical strain. Our approach to probe the novel physics in these resultant systems combines real- and momentum-space spectroscopic tools, including atomically-resolved scanned probe microscopy (SPM) and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). Our group is additionally involved in the custom development of novel low-temperature, high-magnetic field scanning probe systems.

Selected Publications

  • Interaction-driven quantum Hall wedding cake-like structures in graphene quantum dots. Science 361, 789 (2018).
  • An on/off Berry phase switch in circular graphene resonators. Science 356, 845 (2017).
  • Klein tunnelling and electron trapping in nanometre-scale graphene quantum dots. Nature Physics 12, 1069-1075 (2016).
  • Imaging chiral symmetry breaking from Kekul√© bond order in graphene. Nature Physics 12, 950-958 (2016).