Annual Reports and Newsletters

Excerpt from the Chair's Message of the 2016-2017 UCLA Physics & Astronomy Annual Report:

As Chair of the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, I am pleased to present the 2016-17 Annual Report, in which we relate to our alumni and friends the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students during the recent academic year.

A highlight of the year was the announcement by the American Astronomical Society of major prizes to two of our faculty members. Eric Becklin, Professor Emeritus, was selected for the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, awarded annually for lifetime preeminence in astronomical research. Ian McLean was honored with the Joseph Weber Award for Astronomical Instrumentation for the development of instrumentation leading to advances in astronomy. This is well-deserved recognition by the astronomical community of their pioneering efforts in infrared astronomy.

Another notable recognition this year was the election of Claudio Pellegrini, distinguished professor emeritus, to the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his continuing achievements in original research in the area of relativistic electron beams and free-electron lasers.

Two faculty members joined the Department 2017. Nathan Whitehorn, who studies cosmology and highenergy particles and their astrophysical origins, has worked on projects in Antarctica, including IceCube and the South Pole Telescope. Josh Samani, who received his Ph.D. from UCLA in theoretical physics, joins the faculty as a tenure-track Lecturer, and has already received the 2017 My Last Lecturer Award from the UCLA Alumni Scholars’ Club.

June 2017 the department graduated 95 undergraduate students, (71 Physics Bachelors; 14 Astrophysics Bachelors; and 10 Biophysics Bachelors) and 19 Ph.D. students (18 Ph.D.'s Physics; and 3 Ph.D.'s Astronomy). We were especially pleased to have alumnus Barak Bussel, '93, give an inspiring 2017 commencement address. We invite all of our alumni to stay in touch and visit us on campus.