“Fractional Statistics from Topological Magnetism” by Kenneth Burch (LASE,Boston College)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 4:00pm
Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

There is considerable excitement about in realizing non-Abelian Anyons, particles whose phase upon exchange depends on the path taken. Their observation signals the emergence of new topological phases and offers a route to quantum computation. I will outline the reasons to expect such particles in a particular quantum spin-liquid, where there is long-range entanglement but no magnetic order. I will then describe a particularly promising van-der-Walls material for realizing such particles, RuCl3. Via Raman spectroscopy, we have uncovered the Fermi statistics emerging from the Majorana particles in this insulating system. Time permitting, I will discuss the possibility of creating novel heterostructures in our new cleanroom in a glovebox with RuCl3.

PAB 4-330