Physics student Yilin Zhan publishes first paper

PNA and LNA are technologically important, synthetic nucleic acids. These molecules  are only available as short (∼ 10 nm size) polymers, for which the established methods of measuring mechanical flexibility fail. Bending stiffness is however a crucial parameter for many nanotechnology applications.  For the new measurements, Yulin Zhan adapted a supramolecular construction invented in the Zocchi Lab, which in effect transduces molecular stiffness into a measurement of light intensity.

The paper has been published online and is available at the following link:

Yilin Zhan and Giovanni Zocchi, "Flexibility of DNA/PNA, DNA/LNA, DNA/RNA hybrids measured with a nanoscale transducer," EPL 119, 48005 (2017).

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