Michail (Michalis) Bachtis Joins the EEP Group

We are proud to announce the arrival of a new Experimental Elementary Particles physics professor, Michail (Michalis) Bachtis.  Michalis received his Bachelor and MSc degrees in National Technical University of Athens (Greece) working in the installation and commissioning of the Monitored Drift Tube chambers of the ATLAS experiment.

Eager to experience the American educational system, in 2007 he was accepted for a PhD in the University of Wisconsin-Madison working in the CMS experiment. His thesis on final states with tau leptons introduced a novel hadronic tau identification technique and set the standards for the first observation of Higgs decays to fermions.

After his PhD, in 2012, he joined the CERN physics department first as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a staff physicist working on the search and discovery of the Higgs boson in the four lepton final state.  During the LHC shutdown period (2013-14), he was responsible for preparing the CMS Physics Object identification algorithms for Run II and in parallel he started working on a long term effort to measure the mass of the W boson at the LHC.  Professor Bachtis arrived at UCLA in October 2016.

Michalis’ plans in his own group at UCLA are to exploit the maximum potential of CMS and the LHC by searching for new physics beyond the Standard model and improving the electronics systems responsible for real time selection of proton collisions.