"Ultrashort meets Ultracold (in the Ultraviolet)" by Wesley Campbell (UCLA)

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

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Guest Speaker:

Wesley Campbell (University of California, Los Angeles)

Talk Title:  “Ultrashort meets Ultracold (in the Ultraviolet)”


By using narrow-band lasers to damp atomic motion, samples of atoms and a few molecules can be produced routinely at sub-millikelvin temperatures. These "ultracold" atoms can be used as quantum sensors, simulators of quantum many-body physics, and precision probes of fundamental physics.  Likewise, "ultrashort" pulse broadband lasers have been employed to study vibrational and electronic motion on extremely short timescales.  The contrast between the spectral widths (or, equivalently, timescales) of these two types of lasers has largely led to the development of separate ultracold and ultrashort communities.  However, progress in merging these two fields has already yielded some unexpected advances, and new work along these lines shows further promise.  Among the surprises, we will discuss the extension of laser-cooling to chemically-prevalent atoms, the non-destructive observation of harmonic electron motion in a single atom, phonon lasing ("phasing?") from trapped ions, and the generation of strong, stimulated optical forces for the deceleration of molecular beams.


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