Southern California Strings Seminar Fall 2017

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
TEP Seminar

Hosted by the Mani L. Bhaumik Institute for Theoretical Physics, UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics & Astronomy Building (PAB) 4th Floor, Room 4-330 

For more information please contact Per Kraus or Michael Gutperle.

Program Schedule

  • 8:45a - 9:15a Coffee and Refreshments
  • 9:15a - 10:45a: David Simmons-Duffin (CalTech): "A spacetime derivation of the Lorentzian OPE inversion formula"
  • 11:00a - 12:30p: Vladimir Rosenhaus (KITP): “All point correlation functions in SYK”
  • 12:45p - 1:45p: Lunch
  • 2:00p - 3:00p: Edward Witten (IAS) will speak at CSNI
  • 3:15p - 3:345p: Coffee and Refreshments
  • 3:45p - 5:15p: Daniel Jafferis (Harvard): "Nonperturbative bulk reconstruction"
  • 6:00p: Dinner
PAB 4-330