"Simulating quantum magnetism with 2D arrays of hundreds of trapped ions" by John Bollinger (NIST)

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Guest Speaker:  John Bollinger (NIST)

Talk Title:  “Simulating quantum magnetism with 2D arrays of hundreds of trapped ions”


Quantum simulations using AMO systems promise a new way to experimentally study emergent quantum phenomena.  I will describe our work using 2D arrays of 100s of 9Be+ ions in a Penning trap as a platform for simulations of quantum magnetism [1].  The ions crystalize into a triangular lattice when laser-cooled.  An effective 2-level system (or spin) can be isolated and controlled in each ion.  Through application of forces that depend on the internal spin state, the strong Coulomb interaction of the ions is modified, mimicking an effective anti-ferromagnetic Ising interaction.  The range of the interaction can be tuned from infinite to a dipole-dipole like coupling.  Combining the application of the spin-dependent force with a transverse magnetic field should lead to the development of quantum correlations between the spins, which can be measured through optical readout of the spin state, both globally and with site-resolved imaging.  In this way, trapped atomic ions can be used to probe novel and intractable aspects ofquantum magnetism, including the effects of long-range interactions and simulations of quantum non-equilibrium phenomena [2].

[1] J. W. Britton, et al., Nature 484, 489492 (2012). [2] P. Jurcevic, et al., Nature 511, 202 (2014); P. Richerme, et. al., Nature 511, 198 (2014).


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