"The Minimal Supersymmetric Inflationary Model (MSIM)," by Sergio Ferrara (UCLA, CERN and LNF-INFN)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
TEP Seminars

TEP Seminar

Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) Room 4-330
Tuesday, APril 26, 2016

Guest Speaker: Sergio Ferrara (UCLA, CERN and LNF-INFN)

Talk Title: "The Minimal Supersymmetric Inflationary Model (MSIM)"


We consider minimal supersymmetric models of inflation with broken supersymmetry described by constrained super fields.  The minimal supergravity model with linearly realized supersymmetry contains in the spectrum, after super-Higgs effect, GR coupled to a massive gravitino, a sgoldstino, the inflaton and its super partners, the sinflaton and the inflatino.  In the non linear model only the spin 3/2 gravitino and the spin 0 (real) inflaton coupled to GR in a FLRW Universe remain in the spectrum with a scalar potential suitable for inflation.

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PAB 4-330