"Loop induced inflationary non-Gaussianites that give rise to enhanced galaxy bias at small wave-vectors" by Mark Wise (CalTech)

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 4:00pm
TEP Seminar

Since galaxies do not trace the mass the power spectrum (i.e. the Fourier transform of the spatial two point correlation) for fluctuations in the number density of galaxies can be very different from that of the mass. In particular it can be dramatically enhanced at low wave-numbers. It is possible that these enhancements will be observed in upcoming large scale galaxy surveys. In an inflationary cosmology  these enhancements are known to arise from tree-level Feynman diagrams that are calculated in  de-Sitter space. I review this effect and then show that a similar enhancement can arise from loop diagrams. 

PAB 4-330