"A gyrokinetic study of dissipation in plasma turbulence," by Daniel Told (UCLA)

Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Plasma Seminars

Plasma Seminar

Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) Room 4-330
Thursday, February 26, 2015
1-2 PM
Refreshments at 12:30 PM

Speaker: Daniel Told (UCLA)

Talk Title: "A gyrokinetic study of dissipation in plasma turbulence"


Turbulence is a ubiquitous phenomenon, both in everyday life and in many systems of scientific interest. The solar wind is a particularly interesting example of such a system, and has been found to exhibit turbulence on a wide range of  scales from the system size (~1 AU) down to the electron gyroradius scale (~1km). At these smallest scales, the turbulent energy is dissipated and converted to heat. Understanding in detail the mechanisms of turbulent heating is one of the most important unsolved problems of space physics, and cannot be approached through traditional fluid models. In this talk, I will present a study employing a gyrokinetic simulation approach to examine the physics of nonlinear energy transfer and collisional dissipation in plasma turbulence.

PAB 4-330