"The conformal bootstrap: magnets, boiling water, and quantum gravity" by David Simmons-Duffin (Caltech)

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

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Guest Speaker: David Simmons-Duffin (Caltech)

Talk Title:  “The conformal bootstrap: magnets, boiling water, and quantum gravity”


Conformal Field Theory (CFT) describes the long-distance limit of quantum and statistical many-body systems. Often, this limit is so complicated that traditional computational tools (like Feynman

diagrams) fail. However, powerful new techniques for understanding CFTs have emerged in the last decade, based on the old idea of the "conformal bootstrap". I will describe how the bootstrap lets us calculate critical exponents in the 3d Ising Model to world-record precision, how it explains striking relations between magnets and boiling water, and how it can be applied to questions across theoretical physics.

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Professors Katsushi Arisaka, Andrea Ghez, Karoly Holczer, Huan Huang, HongWen Jiang, Per Kraus, Alexander Kusenko, Matthew Malkan, Mayank Mehta, Warren Mori, Ni Ni, Seth Putterman, David Saltzberg, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Vladimir Vassiliev, Shenshen wang, and Nathan Whitehorn.


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