"Achieving a large density of hydroxyl radicals in a magnetic trap," by Hao Wu (JILA - University of Colorado Boulder)

Friday, February 8, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
AMO Seminars

Molecular physics has experienced groundbreaking progresses in the fields of precision spectroscopy, chemical reaction kinetics, and quantum state engineering and many-body physics. In order to better observe these phenomena, there is an insatiable pursuit of larger trapped molecular densities and longer lifetimes. Here, I will present several key milestones that we have recently achieved towards these goals for hydroxyl radicals. First, we discovered an enhanced spin-flip behavior of dipolar molecules due to the existence of dual (electric and magnetic) dipole moments. Subsequently, we demonstrated operation of a hybrid trap to address the spin-flip induced losses and obtain a longer trapped lifetime. Second, we have developed a new decelerator sequence, which not only enlarges the phase space volume, but is also better at maintaining the phase space density during slowing. Third, we demonstrate that by integrating a cryogenic skimmer with a cryogenic hexapole, we are able to load more molecules into the downstream stark decelerator. Finally, I will discuss what can be achieved with the new apparatus.

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