“Ultrafast dynamics in the presence of antiferromagnetic correlations in electron-doped cuprates”, by Inna M Vishik (UC Davis)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 4:00pm
Condensed Matter Physics Journal club Seminar

Electron-doped cuprates represent an interesting bridge system between hole-doped cuprate high-temperature superconductors and other unconventional superconductors such as iron-based and heavy fermion superconductors.  Like the latter systems, electron-doped cuprates feature close proximity between antiferromagnetism and superconductivity on the phase diagram, but they manifest this physics on the copper-oxygen planes which they share with the hole-doped cuprates.  One enduring question on the electron-doped side of the phase diagram, is the degree to which the regime of antiferromagnetism constitutes static order, and ultrafast spectroscopies, which can access picosecond and sub-picosecond timescales are natural tools to explore this issue.  To this end, we have used femtosecond optical pump-probe spectroscopy to study the dynamics of antiferromagnetic correlations via the photoinduced change in reflectivity of thin films of the electron-doped cuprate La2-xCexCuO4 (LCCO). I will show how we use these time-domain experiments to learn about coupling between electrons and high-energy (w> AF ) excitations in these compounds and set limits on the timescales on which antiferromagnetic correlations are static.

PAB 4-330