“Classical topological paramagnetism” by Zohar Ringel (University of Oxford, Department of Physics)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 2:30pm
Condensed Matter Physics Journal Club

Topological phases of matter are one of the hallmarks of quantum condensed matter physics. One of their striking features is a bulk-boundary correspondence wherein the topological nature of the bulk manifests itself on boundaries via exotic massless phases. In this talk I'll introduce a couple of strongly-interacting statistical-mechanical models which, in analogy with topological insulators, could be described as classical topological paramagnets. While featureless in the bulk such models host exotic forms of long-range and quasi-long-range order on their boundaries. Furthermore they can be seen as classical simulators of the imaginary time evolution of certain quantum topological phases of spin systems (bosonic SPTs). Among other things, this opens a new experimental route for realizing bosonic SPTs.

PAB 4-330