Steven Moszkowski

Steven Moszkowski
Professor Emeritus
Theoretical Nuclear

Office: 3-144 Knudsen
Phone: (310) 825-4l86
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Educational Background: 

Ph.D., Chicago, 1952

Research Interest: 

I was involved in the project  Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics (CWP) initiated and developed by Professor Nina Byers, where the contributions of many women including that of Maria Goeppert Mayer and Chien-Shiung Wu are presented.

Further information on Maria Goeppert Mayer's life and research may be found on the Maria Goeppert Mayer Home Page.

Further information on Chien-Shiung Wu's research and beta-decay may be found on the Chien-Shiung Wu home page.

The History of Nuclear Physics page provides additional material.

Selected Publications: 
  • Moszkowski, S.A., Models of Nuclear Structure, Handbuch der Physik 39, 411-550 (1957)
  • Wu, C.S. and Moszkowski, S.A., Beta Decay, Wiley Interscience, New York (1966)
  • Druce, C.H. and Moszkowski, S.A., Interacting Boson Model with Surface Delta Interaction between Nucleons: Stucture and Interaction of Bosons , Phys. Rev. C33, 330-334 (1986)
  • Zimanyi, J. and Moszkowski, S.A., Nuclear Equation of State with Derivative Scalar Coupling, Phys. Rev. C42, 1416-1421 (1990)
  • Stone, J.R., Stone, N.J., Moszkowski, S.A., Incompressibility in finite nuclei and nuclear matter, Phys. Rev. C89, 044316 (2014)