James Rosenzweig

James Rosenzweig
Accelerator & Beam Dynamics

Office: Knudsen 3-174A
Phone: 310-206-4541
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Educational Background: 

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1988

Research Interest: 

On the research side, Professor James Rosenzweig is world renowned as an expert in the physics of intense, ultra-fast charged particle beams and their interactions. These interaction scenarios include the beam self-interaction, classified as single component relativistic plasma physics, the beam-beam interaction in colliders, the beam-radiation interaction, e.g. the free-electron laser, coherent Cerenkov, transition and synchrotron radiation and the beam-plasma interaction manifested as extreme (TV/m) high field acceleration in plasma driven by charged particle or laser beams. Professor Rosenzweig currently is the director of two laboratory programs, known collectively as the Particle Beam Physics Laboratory, PBPL, in the physics of advanced accelerators (the Neptune Lab on-campus at UCLA) and the physics of free-electron-based radiation production in world-leading off-campus labs. The PBPL maintains active collaborations with other major accelerator facilities, such as Fermilab, SLAC, BNL, LLNL, Argonne, DESY, Sincrotrone Trieste and INFN-LNF (Frascati).

Professor Rosenzweig was born in Denver, CO, in 1960, and was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in London, England. He received his Ph.D., at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1988. Upon graduation, he held an assistant physicist appointment at Argonne National Labs, and from1989 to 2000 was Robert R. Wilson Fellow in Accelerator Physics at Fermilab. He joined the UCLA Dept. of Physics faculty as an assistant professor in 1991. Since 1999, he has been Professor of Physics at UCLA. He has held visiting physicist positions at Argonne National Laboratory, and Fermilab. On sabbatical in 2003 and 2007, he was Visiting Professor, at Universita deli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", and visiting scientist at Laboratori Nazionale di Frascati (INFN-LNF). He is a frequent lecturer in the US Particle Accelerator School.

Prof. Rosenzweig is the author or co-author of over 400 scientific articles, and several topical books in beam and accelerator science. He has developed a course on modern approaches to beam physics, Physics 150 "The Physics of Charged Particle and Beam Physics", for which he has written a textbook, published by Oxford University Press in 2003, entitled "Fundamentals of Beam Physics".

Prof. Rosenzweig has received a Sloan Fellowship, a Robert R. Wilson Fellowship, an SSC Junior Faculty Fellowship, and a Dept. of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator Award. He is a lifetime member and a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS). In 2007 he was awarded the 2007 International Free-electron Laser Prize. Prof. Rosenzweig has served the APS, as well as many high energy physics, light source, industrial accelerator, and high energy density laboratory programs and worldwide in organizational, advisory and leadership capacities.

Selected Publications: 
  • "Teravolt-per-meter plasma wakefields from low-charge, femtosecond electron beams," J. B. Rosenzweig, G. Andonian, P. Bucksbaum, M. Ferrario, S. Full, A. Fukusawa, E. Hemsing, M. Hogan, P. Krejcik, P. Muggli, G. Marcus, A. Marinelli, P. Musumeci, B. O'Shea, C. Pellegrini, D. Schiller, and G. Travish, submitted to Physical Review Letters, arXiv:1002.1976v1.
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