Chun Wa Wong

Chun Wa Wong
Professor Emeritus
Theoretical Nuclear

Office: 3-140 Knudsen
Phone: (310) 825-3716
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Educational Background: 
  • B.S., UCLA, 1959
  • M.A., Harvard, 1960
  • Ph.D., Harvard, 1965
Research Interest: 
  • Nuclear forces and nuclear properties
  • Quark and Skyrmion models of hadrons
  • Cross sections for Pomeron exchange and dibaryon production
Selected Publications: 

Published Books

  • Introduction to Mathematical Physics - Methods and Concepts
    (Oxford University Press, 1991, 2013)
  • German translation: Mathematische Physik: Konzepte. Methoden.Uebungen
    (Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 1994).
  • Japanese translation, 1996.
  • Downloadable WORD files for 1st ed. (free personal use)

    Selected Answers for Chapt. 1-3, 6
    Errata for Chapt. 1-6

  • Downloadable Mathematica Notebook for 2nd ed. (free personal use)


Published Book Chapter

  • Wong, C.W. and Liu, K.F., "Nuclon-Nucleon Interactions"
    in Topics in Nuclear Physics, Proceedings, Beijing, China 1980
    edited by T.T.S. Kuo and S.S.M. Wong
    (Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Physics) Vol. 144: 1-173 (1981)
  • Wong, C.W., "Harriet Brooks" in Out of the Shadows, Contributions of Tweentieth-Century Women to Physics
    edited by N.Byers and G. Williams Cambridge University Press, 2006 - 66-73.
  • Errata, p.69, line 30: a comedy of errors is undone by replacing "a visible" by "an invisible"

Unpublished Lecture Notes

  • Nuclear Physics: A Short Introduction
  • Mathematica Physics: Software and Manual
  • Five Easy Assignments for an Advanced Honors Seminar on Analytic Mechanics
  • A Review of Quantum Mechanics