Zhongbo Kang joins the Nuclear Physics Group

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Zhongbo Kang has joined the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy as an Assistant Professor in November 2016. He will be a member of the UCLA Nuclear Physics Program.

Zhongbo received his Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University under Professor Jianwei Qiu in 2009. Afterwards he joined RIKEN-BNL Research Center as a research associate. In April 2012 he became a director’s post-doc fellow at LANL and in March 2013 he was appointed J. Robert Oppenheimer fellow. Zhongbo was promoted to a staff scientist at LANL in March 2016.

Zhongbo’s research focuses on development of Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD) framework and applications of QCD in nuclear physics. His research topics include the spin structure of the proton, the parton saturation at small Bjorken x in cold nuclear matter, the parton energy loss and jet quenching in heavy ion collisions, QCD and effective field theory in Quarkonium and fragmentations.

Zhongbo will establish a QCD nuclear theory group at UCLA. He will greatly strengthen the UCLA nuclear physics research program and enhance synergetic activities among theoretical and experimental nuclear groups at UCLA.