Women in Science

Physics & Astronomy has a major commitment to faculty and student diversity. Achieving diversity means creating a supportive campus environment for everyone, inclusive of women and other historically underrepresented groups, as outlined by federal affirmative action guidelines.

Women represent 50% of our national population and nearly 50% of all doctorates awarded annually. The intersection of women's issues with those related to race and ethnicity, as well as other characteristics such as sexual orientation, disability, and religion, is a key component of diversity.

Academic leadership on campus is focused on increasing and supporting diversity among students, faculty and staff through the work of the Council on Diversity & Inclusion, which is currently working on refining UCLA's strategic plan for diversity to assure accountability and methods of assessing progress.

The Office for Faculty Diversity & Development is supporting a culture of inclusion through faculty and chair development programs, programs to enhance the graduate pipeline, increasing access to work/life resources and more robust procedures, training and follow-up related to faculty searches.

Please explore these resources for more information about opportunities for women in Physics & Astronomy.