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1988 Rome Symposia Mathematica XXXIII, "Superstrings, super-Riemann surfaces, and supermoduli space

1997 Institute for Advanced Study Lectures on String Theory

1999 Banff "Lectures on Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and Integrable Systems"

2001 TASI Lecture Notes "Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and the AdS/CFT correspondence"

2002 Hangzhou Beijing, "Lectures on Two-Loop Superstrings"

2006-Columbia-Mathematics-Geometrical Problems in AdSCFT.pdf

2007-KITP-Exact half-BPS solutions to TypeIIB supergravity

2012-Stanford-ENS-USC-Quantum Criticality via Magnetic BRanes

2013 Ecole Normale Paris Seminaire General, "Condensed Matter via General Relativity"

2014-IHES-Recent Advances in Superstring Perturbation Theory

2014-Montreal-Exact M-theory solutions

2015-Perimeter-Modular Structure of TypeIIB low energy expansion

2015 Eurostrings Cambridge "Modular structure of Type IIB low energy expansion"

2015 Simons Center workshop on supermoduli "Introduction to superstring perturbation theory"

2015 Simons Center workshop on supermoduli "Modular structure of Type IIB low energy expansion"

2017-Banff-New genus-two modular invariants and string theory

2017-KITP-Superstring Amplitudes beyond tree-level

2018-Cambridge-Jussieu-Holographic duals of 5d SCFT

2018-UCDavis-Amplitudes Summer School

2018-Veneziano Celebration-Superstring Amplitudes and Effective Interactions

2019-Copenhagen-Exploring Transcendentality in string amplitudes


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Einstein and String Theory

Open Questions in Particle Physics

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