Department of Physics & Astronomy Fee Deferral Request Form

This fee deferral form is for Spring 2018.

All academic apprentice personnel (i.e., TAs, GSRs, Readers, Special Readers) are eligible to request a fee deferral for registration fees assessed during the quarter in which they serve as an academic apprentice. If all of the following statements apply to you, proceed with submitting this form:

  • I will not be on filing fee status.
  • I will not be on a leave of absence.
  • I will have an academic apprentice appointment.

If you would like to request a fee deferral, please enter your information below,

By submitting this information:

  • I understand fee deferrals cannot be reversed.
  • I agree to pay all remaining fee balances by the fee deferral expiration date (May 18, 2018).
  • I understand payments made after the fee deferral expiration date are subject to a $50 late fee.