Condensed Matter Physics Seminars 2015-2016

Seminars are held in Fourth Floor Conference Room (P&A 4-330) on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. Contact person: Professor Ni Ni.

Fall 2015
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
7 October Jiangping Hu Purdue University Sudip Chakravarty Searching genes of unconventional high temperature superconductors
14 October Kamran Behnia LPEM (CNRS-UPMC) Stuart Brown Scattering and pairing in a shallow Fermi sea
21 October Nicholas P. Breznay UC Berkeley Ni Ni Unconventional magnetism in a new family of three-dimensional honeycomb iridates
28 October Gil Refael  Caltech Elihu Abrahams Floquet insulating states in periodically driven solid-state systems
4 November Peter Armitage Johns Hopkins Stuart Brown Shining (low frequency) light on quantum magnets: Ising spin chains, quantum spin ice, and spin-orbital liquids
18 November      


2 December Masoud Mohseni Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Yaroslav Tserkovnyak Quantum Computing Paradigms for Machine Learning
16 December Vadim Oganesyan College of Staten Island Rahul Roy Beyond temperature: two examples of realistic many-body systems violating the Boltzmann postulate

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
6 January John Martinis UC Santa Barbara Yaroslav Tserkovnyak What’s next after Moore’s law: quantum computing
13 January Joe Orenstein UC Berkeley Stuart Brown Seeing nematicity where it ain’t supposed to be in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
27 January Yong Chen Purdue HongWen Jiang Topological surface electronic transport in topological insulators
3 February Ania Bleszynski Jayich UCSB Ni Ni Diamond spins for quantum sensing, imaging, and hybrid quantum networks
10 February Jing Shi UC Riverside HongWen Jiang Heterostructures with magnetic insulator thin films
17 February Matthew Rakher HRL Laboratories LLC HongWen Jiang Electrically Controlled Qubits in Silicon
24 February Ashvin Vishwanath UC Berkeley Yaroslav Tserkovnyak Smoking gun signatures of 3D Weyl fermions and hidden Dirac fermions in the half filled landau level
2 March Nitin Samarth Penn State University HongWen Jiang Topological Spintronics
9 March Samuel Lederer MIT Stuart Brown Ising nematic quantum critical point in a metal: a Monte Carlo study
23 March        

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
6 April        
13 April Gang Cao University of Kentucky Ni Ni Unusual Correlations between Magnetic and Insulating States in Iridates
20 April Jason R. Jeffries Lawrence Livermore National Lab Ni Ni Magnetic Collapse? – probing the limits of magnetism under pressure
27 April Goetz Seibold BTU Cottbus, Germany Rahul Roy Low energy electrodynamics of strongly disordered superconductors
4 May Stephen Wilson UCSB Ni Ni Carrier driven collapse of the weak spin-orbit Mott state: Exploring the case of Sr3Ir2O7
18 May        
1 June Daniel S Dessau University of Colorado, Boulder Ni Ni High resolution ARPES and time-resolved ARPES for the study of novel electronic materials
8 June Catherine Kallin McMaster University Rahul Roy Multiband Chiral Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4

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