2017-2018 Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

Seminars are held in Fourth Floor Conference Room (P&A 4-330) on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. Contact person: Vidya Sundaram.

Summer 2018
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title

18 July

KN 6-129

Gang Chen

Fudan University, China

Ni Ni

When Luttinger semimetal meets Melko-Hertog-Gingras spin ice state in Pr2Ir2O7

Spring 2018
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
9 May Vadim Smelyanskiy Quantum AI Laboratory, Google Tserkovnyak Non-ergodic delocalized states for efficient population transfer within a narrow band of the energy landscape
16 May Giovanni Vignale University of Missouri-Columbia    
Winter 2018
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
10 January Clifford Hicks Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden Stuart Brown Specific Heat Capacity Measurements on Uniaxially Pressurised Sr2RuO4
17 January Yongsoo Yang UCLA Physics and Astronomy Jianwei (John) Miao Beyond Crystallography: Probing 3D Structure and Physical Properties of Materials at the Single-Atom Level
24 January Jing Xia University of California, Irvine Ni Ni Applying "negtive" pressure to mixed valence topological Kondo insulator
31 January Feng Liu University of Utah Ni Ni Computational Design of Topological Materials
7 February Gregory A. Fiete University of Texas at Austin Yaroslav Tserkovnyak Non-equilibrium physics, relaxation, and Floquet states in thin film transition metal oxides
14 February        
21 February Sue Coppersmith University of Wisconsin HongWen Jiang Building a quantum computer using silicon/silicon-germanium heterostructures
28 February Kenneth Burch LASE,Boston College Ni Ni Fractional Statistics from Topological Magnetism
7 March        
14 March Adam Gali Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungary Karoly Holczer Ab initio theory of NV quantum bit in diamond
21 March Dr. Mazhar Ali Max Plack institute Ni Ni Novel Properties of Topologically Interesting Materials and their Simple Devices
Fall 2017
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
4 October Aliaksei Charnukha UC San Diego Ni Ni Correlation-driven metal-insulator transition in proximity to an iron-based superconductor
25 October Andrei Faraon CALTECH HongWen Jiang Quantum Nano-Photonic Devices Based on Rare-Earth Ions
15 November Peter Kopietz Goethe Universität Frankfurt Sudip Chakravarty Spin waves, magnetoelastic modes, and classical wave condensation in yttrium-iron garnet
29 November Ralph Chamberlin Arizona State University Stuart Brown Beyond Boltzmann’s factor: statistical mechanics for interacting particles