2016-2017 Condensed Matter Physics Seminars

Seminars are held in Fourth Floor Conference Room (P&A 4-330) on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. Contact person: Vidya Sundaram.

Fall 2016
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
9-21-2016 Pierre Monceau CNRS and University Grenoble-Alpes Stuart Brown Charge modulation in two-dimensional compounds
10-5-2016 Ching-Kit Chan UCLA Sudip Chakravarty Floquet-Bloch bands in Dirac and Weyl fermionic systems
10-26-16 Inna Vishik UC Davis Sudip Chakravarty Ultrafast dynamics in the presence of antiferromagnetic correlations in electron-doped cuprates
11-2-16 Eun-Ah Kim Cornell University Sudip Chakravarty Let there be topological superconductors
11-9-16 Michael Mulligan UC Riverside Sudip Chakravarty

Particle-Vortex Symmetric Liquid

Winter 2017
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
1-10-17 at 2:30 P.M. Zohar Ringel University of Oxford Rahul Roy Classical topological paramagnetism
1-18-17 Fabrizio Carbone EPFL Lausanne Stuart Brown Dynamical investigation of ordering phase transitions: from soft matter to strongly correlated systems
1-25-17 Sara Haravifard Duke University Ni Ni Mapping the Phase Diagram of Model Frustrated Quantum Spin Systems
2-15-17 Ross McDonald Los Alamos National Lab Stuart Brown High field exploration beyond the quantum limit in three-dimensional metals
3-1-17 Daniel F. Agterberg University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Stuart Brown Topologically protected Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces
3-8-17 Xuedong Hu University at Buffalo SUNY HongWen Jiang Nonadiabatic spin manipulation with adiabatic protocols
3-22-17 Yejun Feng Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Ni Ni Itinerant density wave instability at continuous thermal and quantum phase transitions
Spring 2017
Date Speaker Institution Host Talk Title
4-19-17 John Harter CALTECH Ni Ni New quantum phases of matter in strongly correlated and spin-orbit-coupled metals
4-26-17 Xie Chen CALTECH Ni Ni Out-of-Time-Ordered Correlator in Many-Body Localized Systems
5-10-17 Neil Robinson Brookhaven National Lab Fenner Harper First steps towards dynamics of multicomponent integrable models
5-11-17 in Knudsen 6-129 from 11 A.M. to Noon Zhiqiang Mao Tulane University Ni Ni Relativistic Fermions Generated by Square Lattices in Layered Compound
5-24-17 Abhinav Prem University of Colorado - Boulder Rahul Roy Fracton Topological Order - a new playground for condensed matter physics
5-31-17 Andreas Bill CSULB Stuart Brown Pair Correlations in Superconducting-Magnetic Heterostructures